Daisy Ha
Managing Partner (Singapore)

Daisy has over 13 years experiences in the area of corporate finance, business development, international banking and structured financed. Prior to co-founding Right Dragon, Daisy had a proven track record in fund raising via equity & debt capital market, she established good relationship with leading international banks, pension funds and insurance companies while she was at Treasury function for a top tier global aircraft operating leasing company. Daisy began her career as financial adviser for listed and pre-listing companies in Hong Kong.

Daisy is also an active angel investor for the companies in Asia as well as experience investor in real estate, publicly traded stocks and private companies.

Daisy Ha

Stephen Fisher, Ph.D
Managing Partner (Singapore)

Dr. Fisher has more than 25 years’ professional investment experience with leading asset management groups in the United States, Asia and Australia. Having had history of investment responsibility for firm’s mandates of totalling USD20 billion assets from Sovereign Wealth Funds, Central Banks and some largest institutions on reserves management and asset allocation. Dr. Fisher is also the co-found of First Degree Global Asset Management in Singapore

Stephen Fisher

Kelvin Chan
Managing Partner (Hong Kong)

Kelvin is a renowned serial entrepreneur who has established solid relationships with many listed companies and securities firms in Hong Kong. With his deep passion for entrepreneurship and technology, Kelvin has co-founded AIMPACT Holdings Limited, a business accelerator with the focus on technology. He is also an Independent Non-Executive Director of Astrum Financial Holdings Limited (Stock Code: 8333).

Kelvin Chan

Felix Lor, Ph.D
Partner & Advisor, TMT and AI (Based in Hong Kong)

Dr. Lor has almost 20 years experience in the research and development of advanced technologies including AI, robotics, neuroscience, VR & AR, he successfully developed an unmanned navigation system in a German research institute with OPEL, as well as developing robotics for outer space exploration with European Aerospace. He has also participated in zinc-air battery and servo-motor projects for electric vehicle development.

Felix Lor

Joe Chow, Ph.D.
Partner & Advisor, Biotechnology (PRC)

Dr. Chow has been in the industrial biotech field for over 18 years and was the co-founder of DiagCor Technology Ltd. (a Hong Kong biotech company), the company was sold to a listed company in Hong Kong after achieving CAGR 200%. Dr. Chow and his team have developed over 20 diagnostic instruments and kits, established over 50 clinical diagnostic service tests and own over 20 patents in the biotechnology sector.

Joe Chow