Daisy Ha was at Money 20/20 Singapore

Our Managing Partner, Daisy Ha was honored to be shortlisted as a member of “Rise Up” programme – Empowering Women in Leadership at Money 20/20 Singapore in March 2019. She had fabulous opportunity to participant such phenomenal programme and networking from the most authoritative leaders, the most visionary investors, the most potential entrepreneurs and the most disruptive in the global financial technology community.  Thanks for Money 20/20 for make this a reality.

Find out more about money 20/20 at https://www.money2020.com

Velocity Evolution: FPV Car Racing Competition

With the rapid growth in gaming industry, Hong Kong government has deliciated to promote the development of innovation and technology in this area in recent years, our Hong Kong team incubated startup, Formula Square and Hong Kong Science Park have teamed up to hold the first Real Virtuality (RV) Control racing event in the Science Park from January 13 to 19, 2019. The RV racing game allows players to feel like they are in a racing game, which is closer to the realism and excitement of the car than the traditional electronic racing game and VR. Come to joining us the race and witness the commitment of team for future success.